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10 Most Useful Google Search Mockups for SEO Marketers


We all know that the best way to get the first on Google search results, is to pay your way in!

However visualizing the end goal is just as important as succeeding in business itself.

No more using the inspect tool 🕵️ or ugly Photoshop techniques to visualize a search keyword or SERP!

Use these Google search and SERP templates to instantly simulate a 1:1 Google query mockup, and visualize your SEO task or goal, for yourself and clients.

SEO is one the most important parts of any online business and these mockups will help you make it more understandable, in terms of what keywords your are trying to rank for and what other suggestions Google might offer you.

So help yourself get on top of Google search, even if it’s just a fake search.

All these templates can be edited, saved and downloaded online, so it’s a quick win for your ad creation workflow:

Google Search Autocomplete Mockup (Desktop)

Use this classic Google search autocomplete mockup to visualize any kind of results Google might be trying to present. Edit the text to create your own fake autocomplete results as seen from a Desktop device.

Google Mobile Search Predictions Mockup

Google search bar autocomplete mockup

Generate a close-up picture of a Google search bar with autocomplete predictions results. A smaller mobile versions with less results.

Google Search Recommendations Mockup in Chrome Browser

google autocomplete layout mockup

Use this mockup of the Google search bar in a close-up view as visible driectly from a Google Chrome browser tab search.

Google Search Results Page Mockup (with Snippets)

Google desktop search results page mockup

Mockup for the most regular view of a Google search result page with the keyword visible in the search bar and top 2 result above a few snippets. Customize the entire layout with your own text.

Google Image Search Mockup (First Results)

Replace the images and texts and create a realistic mockup for the image results on Google.

Google Image Search Mockup Template (Full Page)

google desktop image serp preview mockup

Full page version of the Google Image Results mockup. Fill the entire page with your images for a rich preview.

Google Mobile Image Search Mockup

google image search serp view

A mobile version mockup of the image search results page. Great for testing if and how your image content would stand out.

Google Mobile Search Mockup Template

google mobile text serp view mockup

The holy mother god of all Google searches – the mobile search results page. We all know that mobile traffic topped Desktop years ago. So this is the best way to create an instant mockup for mobile results SERP page.

Google Text Ads Mockup Generator

google ad snippet simulator

A quick and easy mockup for seeing how your clever copy would actually appear, as it’s written out “loud” inside a Google text ad box.

Now place your mockup inside another mockup, for a stunning visualization! Here’s what you can achieve:

Online marketers often focus too much on search engine optimization and not so much for “human emotion optimization”.

So, be creative and stand out with a little more creative side to your marketing.

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