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10 Amazing Infographic Templates for Presenting a Timeline


Luckily for us, time is linear…

so making a creative timeline infographic presentation is quite easy!

And with these editable timeline templates, it will also take less time.

Choose an infographic style or format (portrait vs landscape) you need, and present your historical facts, future plans or short term goals.

The history lessons at school were boring, but creating a timeline presentation with these templates is fun – and your viewers will thank you for a clear and understandable timeline.

All these templates can easily be customized and saved online, no need to download any files.

#1 Column Timeline Infographic Template

linear timeline infographic

Share your data in an easy-to-read way using intuitive infographics. Add your own text and change the colors of this template to present your roadmap.

#2 Yearly Timeline Infographic Template

dashed colorful timeline

A minimal timeline template with colorful elements and dashed lines.

#3 Arrow Diagram Infographic Template

arrows numbers timeline infographic

A beautiful and visually engaging timeline template with colorful arrows and large numeric titles.

#4 Circle Steps Infographic Template

circular timeline infographic

Use this fun and simple infographic template to visualize all of your goals and ideas. A design filled with circular elements and arrows.

#5 Tall Infographic Timeline Template Design

tall infographic template

Simplify large amounts of data with beautiful infographics such as this one. Make a classic infographic design with a tall image, moving from the last into the future.

#6 Icons Infographic Timeline Template

process chart infographic

Set up your goals with this fully customizable infographic template. This design features a column layout with illustrative icons as topic headlines.

#7 Circular Infographic Timeline Design Template

circle infographic design template

A very simple way of presenting your goals. A modern circular layout built around a single topic or idea. Customize this template to fit your needs.

#8 Vertical Template Infographic Timeline Design

tall timeline infographic maker

Use this template to create a catchy and tall infographic design – perfect for sharing on social media or Pinterest.

#9 Colorful Roadmap Infographic Timeline Design Template

colorful blocks infographic

Colorful and fun, this template will present your ideas in a unique and interesting way. A boxed layout with each sections separated with unique colors – making your timeline data stand out even better.

#10 Tall Roadmap Infographic Timeline Presentation

colorful timeline infographic maker

Simple minimalistic timeline infographic. You can download it, insert your text and use it in your presentation/story/speech.

Numbers don’t lie… you just need to make them pretty!

Visualize your data and engage your audience by turning boring streams of numbers into beautiful images.

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