Extract Images From Prezi

Have you ever wanted to download images or videos from your Prezi onto your computer?

The solution is quite simple and it works without the Prezi Desktop or any other software:

1) The first thing you need to do is download the Prezi as a PEZ file. If you are using Prezi Desktop, you can save the Prezi as a .pez file from the template preview page.


2) Next simply rename the file. Change the file extension from .pez to .zip

3) Every operating system should have a basic program to open .zip files. In windows, right-click on the file and choose “Extract all”. If you need more help with this step, please follow this tutorial.

4) Done! Extracting that .zip file will create folders which contain all the data from your Prezi. All the images from your presentation (including backgrounds) are inside the folder YOUR-PREZI-NAME/prezi/repo

Notes: The same method also works with a Portable Prezi, which already comes in a ZIP format. The difference is that the portable Prezi is usually a very large file (it contains Prezi software files which make it viewable on any computer), while the .pez only contains your presentation content. You will not need Prezi Desktop software to extract the .pez file.

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