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10 Creative Social Media Presentation Templates


Social media is THE topic of the 21ct century…

it’s a useful tool for connecting people around the globe, generating new business and creating connections, finding new friends or consuming endless entertainment.

So it’s a topic most of us talk and present about every day and luckily this means that there are lots of great and visually engaging Social Media Presentation Templates available for any taste.

We’ve collected some of the best and most creative Prezi presentation templates to illustrate your story. (Many templates also include a PowerPoint PPT version).

1. Social Media Technology Presentation Template

Digital social media presentation template

Are you doing business in the digital space or simply want to present about online and social media technologies? Here’s a presentation template for making a slide deck with a 3D Apple devices scene. A large iMac monitor with social media icons, your slide topics and other web devices like iPhones, iPad and Laptop orbiting around it. A perfect scene for illustrating the digital space and online universe. The template includes various business related quotes and company intro design elements which you can reuse in your presentation. Promote your own website or business or talk about the global technology giants and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. Download Includes a Prezi and PowerPoint version.

2. Facebook Mockup Presentation Template

Who are you following on social media and do they deserve your attention? Here’s a creative presentation template for presenting about social media – 3D Prezi Template with a Macbook laptop on a world map background and various social media icons lying around it. Includes a mockup facebook interface which you can also replace with your own image. Talk about social media marketing or tell an interesting story using Facebook. Add your own social media links and replace the screen with your own website or image. Present about social data privacy settings, SEO tactics, viral marketing strategies or even online dating.

3. Online Multimedia Presentation Template

What is multimedia? Looking at this image might give a few clues – it’s a combination of multiple content forms such as text, images, videos, animations, or audio… and social media is filled with this stuff! This presentation template was created to illustrate the concept that we now have our lives filled with multimedia content and it is available with 1 click (or tap) of a button. The template features a bright background scene with a woman pointing a finger at a futuristic touch screen which is filled with images, and social media icons.

4. Social Mobile Presentation Template

Great presentation template for presenting anything related with social media marketing, online communication and instant messaging or SEO and backlinks. Rearrange or duplicate the chat bubble shaped boxes to add more placeholders for your content or zoom in and add your content anywhere else on the canvas. The templates features a smooth 3D background effect while you move from one slide to another which adds an interesting and eye-catching transition effect. Available for Prezi and PowerPoint.

5. Creative Internet Presentation Template

Time to be creative! An abstract 3D Prezi presentation template with a multimedia concept. Various internet and online related objects flying out an ipad screen. Present about your design agency business, social media marketing or creative multimedia project. Template includes many basic pre-designed elements for content: timeline, world map, image gallery, team page etc… Don’t just click through the slides – take full benefit of Prezi Next. Point with your mouse and scroll into any topic you want, don’t make a linear presentation.

6. Digital Design Presentation Template

An abstract 3D and dark themed presentation template for a creative web design or social media presentation. Angled front view of a computer monitor and various objects flying out of it. A great concept to illustrate web design, online marketing, social media, graphic design. Zoom into the colorful circles and insert your own content for your presentation topic. Customize the template to fit your branding style by changing the background color with one click. If you’re into graphic design and want people to know about it, then this a presentation template for you.

7. Social Media Likes Presentation Templates

Ready to become a social media influencer? You need lots of those likes and followers! Presentation template with small white icons forming a Facebook like button shape. Add the symbols you need and present why people should like your page. All the icons can be moved separately. Background image can be changed. Present about social media marketing, using social media in business, making viral content, advertising online

8. Social Media Manager Presentation Template

Every social media account has a manager…. Presentation template where a cheerful young girl with a white shirt is showing blank smartphone, selective focus, image focused on a smartphone screen. Show something important on a smartphone screen. Place slides and content to a blue vector based circles.

9. Social Media Mind Presentation Template

What’s going on in the head of a social media manager or social media user? Introduce your new ideas and show what’s on your mind with a creative thinking presentation template. Prezi template with gears/cogs inside the brain and cloud of graphics hovering above the head. Good Prezi presentation template for illustrating thoughts, mind maps and visualizing creative ideas, or talking about psychology, learning, education, thinking visually. Talk about business plans, future thoughts or simply creative ideas in the making and currently hatching in your brain. Don’t forget to oil the gears!

10. Digital Timeline Presentation Template

Are you on the right track with your digital strategy and online business? A creative 3D technology themed timeline Prezi presentation template. A curvy asphalt road going into a laptop screen with colorful  timeline markers on it.Present about technological developments or the IT roadmap in your business. Add more timeline events by duplicating the existing elements. Show the curvy road to adopting to digital changes and digitizing real world content.


Did you find a template you like?


I’m glad if you did, but no worries, we’ve got plenty more Creative Presentation Templates for you, in case you’re not happy with the above selection.

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