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10 Creative Real Estate Presentation Templates


Selling real estate is all about the presentation…

how you present the property, the location and of course yourself.

Whether you’re working in a real estate company or simply need to make a real estate presentation, then these “non-corporate” looking templates will help you make a unique, creative and memorable presentation.

All the templates are created in Prezi, so you can forget about boring PowerPoint slides, and focus instead on the “big picture” concept and zooming into topics.

But enough about the chit-chat, let’s dig into the list of our most creative Real Estate presentation templates which you can easily customize for your own presentation.

1. Real Estate Infographic Presentation Template

Real estate infographic template

Use this template for making a modern real estate themed infographic presentation. A colorful 3D Prezi Template with a white house and colorful line arrow elements on a city background. Create an infographic business Prezi and talk about buying or selling real estate and property.

Talk about market trends, prices and things that affect them, for example the neighborhood area. Present how to apply for a mortgage loan and buy your first home/house. Present about a real estate agency, prices, trends, building/renting a house or home.

2. New Home Presentation Template

House real estate

A home is not just a house… it’s made up from a million small details. Ideal Template for a real estate, house or home related presentation. A house shape formed from small icons. Zoom anywhere and add your content related to the different symbols. Move the objects around, add your own symbols or replace the background image. Get presenting about selling, buying, renting a house, or talk about home improvement, DIY repair or home ownership costs.

3. Urban City Presentation Template

Night city real estate

Give a presentation about business, city life, real estate prices, communication in the modern city or any other topic. If you want to add sounds – City background noise or background music fits perfectly and creates an extra realistic look for the Prezi presentation. Use white transparent frames to add your content in the Prezi. Place your logo on the first slide. It is easy to add shapes, lines and graphics to present any kind of data.

4. Real Estate Listings Presentation Template

Real estate listings presentation

Prezi presentation template featuring a background image of a villa with a poo, in front a post with real estate sign. Includes placeholders for logo and images. Multiple semi-transparent posters are hanging on the signpost. Make a gallery from real estate properties, houses and villas for sale, add prices and locations, other meta information to the slide. Demo content has a sample images and price tags. Smooth animation from slide to slide. Change Prezi elements.

5. Real Estate Market Presentation Template

Real estate and housing market

Prezi Template for a real estate and market related presentation. A blue rising arrow with 3D house silhouettes. Explain customers different property types (house, office, garage, warehouse…). Describe the best time to sell or buy, illustrate the price growth, discuss about best locations and market trends and factors. A good template for a real estate agency or individual agent/realtor. Present about a real estate agency, house infographics, selling, buying or renting a house or home.

6. House Puzzle Presentation Template

house puzzle presentation

3D presentation template about building, buying or renting a house or real estate. 3d jigsaw puzzle pieces forming a house shape. Easily customize the color of the house and add any color via Prezi CSS. Talk about the various stages of becoming a house owner. Talk about architecture projects, planning, building or real estate stages and agents.

7. House Infographics Presentation Template

real estate 3d infographic template

Infographic Template for a real estate or property related presentation. 4 colorful homes/houses on a city background with infographic design elements. Present about different types of real estate and bring out the differences. Show what makes up the cost of buying or building a house. Talk about getting a mortgage loan or create a diagram with 4 different choices.

8. Real Estate Development Presentation Template

house blueprint real estate development

A real Estate themed Prezi template with the concept of newly built or renovated home. You can use the template for selling housing/real estate related services or for representing a real estate agency or firm. The concept can also be used for rental business, realtor, building company, real estate, construction company.

9. Neighborhood Presentation Template

market real estate street

Presentation Template with a small 3D street/town with houses and business people silhouettes. Zoom into street signs, create tree diagrams, house/real estate infographics. Create a business presentation about a city theme, going on a journey or road to success. Talk about a creative business / startup environment.

10. Smart Home Presentation Template

smart house presentation template

Presentation template Smart home is mostly designed for home security or home automation system presentation. Template has a 3D designed home floating on air. Colorful circles around the house are designed for content – texts, images, symbols, titles. Watching this presentation, ideas starting to grow in your head.


Making a real estate presentation requires a lot of planning and research, but when you get it right, you can impress your potential clients.

Going for a classic and corporate looking PowerPoint presentation, can make you look more professional in the short term, but if you really want to impress people with your content, then adding a story to your presentation is a must have element.

The above presentation template are perfect for storytelling and adding your own unique viewpoint for any real estate themed presentation.

So I hope you skip the bullet points this time and go for something more creative in your presentation.

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