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Best 5G Themed Presentation Templates


5G technology is soon ready to take over the world, giving us the benefits of blazing fast internet speeds and all that comes with it: smart cities, autonomous cars, remote healthcare and much more.

There increasingly much more talk about 5G and the projects being developed, so here are some of best 5G technology themed presentation templates, which will make your presentation as much as amazing as 5G tech itself.

Most of the template are designed for Prezi, but many also includes a PowerPoint PPT version as a bonus inside the download.

So let’s get this 5G revolution started and find a suitable presentation for your topic, whether it’s mobile data, cloud computing, smart city or AI artificial intelligence – there’s something for every topic:

1. Mobile 5G Network Presentation Template

Do you know that over 50% of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices? Does your business have a mobile strategy? A smartphone related presentation template with a black iPhone and world map hologram interface above it. Insert your own topic titles and illustrate with suitable icons for your topic. Zoom into the squares and reveal your slide content. A multipurpose presentation template for presenting about 5G smartphones, mobile business, e-commerce in smartphones, and accessibility to basic services around the world using a smartphone.

2. Future 5G Technology System Presentation Template

How will the digital technology look like in the future? Only time will tell, however you can create your own hi-tech 5G related presentation with this abstract and futuristic Prezi template with a man holding an iPad and a white technology circle hovering above it. Make yourself a presentation about online technology, internet business, future of telecom and 5G, smart systems, augmented or virtual reality. Zoom into the circle topics and customize the example content slides or add your own. Customize the color of the circles to match your own branding style. Reach out your hand and embrace the digital future

3. Data Cloud 5G Computing Presentation Template

Do you know how much of your personal data is stored on the cloud? A cloud data, information and 5G technology related presentation template. Black tablet computer on a wooden surface and a hologram display of cloud network data hovering above it. Zoom into the screens of various devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop and monitor to present your content. Great template for talking about digitalization, cloud data computing, internet security, online technology.

4. Digital 5G Overview Presentation Template

The future of digital technology is now – a presentation template with a digital 5G technology concept. A businessman holding a black iPad tablet computer and a hologram display with circles hovering above it. Add your own topics and zoom into your presentation slides. Replace the icons with your own or add topic titles. The template includes many example placeholder slides that you can use: timeline, world, map, team overview etc. An abstract technology related Prezi Next template with a dark theme and circle layout for topics.

5. Technology 5G Network Presentation Template

Technology is here to get us all! An abstract technology and network themed presentation template suitable for a 5G topic. A dark background scene filled with green-blue grid and circles. Zoom into the topic circles and add your own content. A great template for talking about future technologies, artificial intelligence or the internet. Make a presentation about your technology related business or talk about the growing online and technology sector which involves a lot of data networks.

6. 5G Data Sphere Presentation Template

An abstract 3D presentation template with a black sphere and white network overlay. A multipurpose template suitable for various topics including technology, 5G technology, data and IT. Zoom into the circles and insert your own data, build a network with your idea. Replace the example numbers and icons with content more suitable for your presentation topic. Talk about data visualization, big data, networks, internet, cyber security or IOT.

7. Data Cloud 5G Storage Presentation Template

WHere do you store your files? Presentation template with a 3D Technology jigsaw puzzle cloud theme. Talk about online cloud, 5G data and technology, internet or introduce your company or business. A professional and infographics style presentation with symbols and icons. Illustrate your topic and easily customize – change color with 1 click and add custom colors via CSS. NB: the white background color cannot be changed. Replace the icons and symbols with your own pictures, numbers or text. A modern and corporate looking template suitable for many topics

8. Smart 5G City Technology Presentation

It started with just small smartphones, but now people want entire cities to become smart. What does that mean? Together with IOT (internet of things) and 5G internet speeds all elements of a city will be connected. These technologies will lower the energy costs, and make the city life much safer and more comfortable. A 3D presentation template with a man holding a black ipad tablet computer with a small city on it. A creative presentation template for talking about the future of city planning, urban technologies, mobile communications. Talk about the future landscape of our cities and how technology will make our life better… or worse.

9. Microchip Processor 5G Presentation Template

Is your brain more powerful than a computer processor? A creative presentation template with a technology and ideas concept. A computer chip and motherboard design on a dark blue background. Digitize your creative ideas and make a technology themed presentation. Zoom into the topic circles and replace the demo content with your own. A great template for talking about internet, modern technology, artificial intelligence, programming etc…

10. 5G Technology Circuit Presentation Template

Don’t make a short circuit out of this creative circuit! An abstract 3D presentation Template for talking about technology or electronics. 3D white spheres with electronic circuit textures hovering on a gray background. Zoom in and present about future technologies for example quantum computing, microchips or internet of things.


5G technology will bring us many benefits, however what’s not clear yet is all the dangers it may hide.

Sure some think it’s okay to burn 5G towers, however I believe it’s also a wrong approach.

So if you want to contribute to a meaningful 5G debate, be sure to check all your facts and make an interesting presentation that’s easy to follow.

The above 5G presentation template will help you create a visually engaging design in no time… all you have to do is add the story!

Didn’t find a suitable yet? Be sure to check out our 25 Creative Presentation Templates or our entire collection of Prezi Templates for some more inspiration.

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