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10 Creative Travel & Tourism Presentation Templates


Curiosity and traveling are both a key part of the human nature.

In today’s interconnected world, traveling or going on a vacation to the other side of the globe, is no problem at all (that is until the COVID crisis is over).

However traveling is not always related to holidays or vacations, it’s also very common for work and business related events.

Here are some of best Prezi presentation templates related to traveling around the world, planning a holiday or making tourism trips.

All the templates are meant for the Prezi presentation software, so unfortunately there’s no way for you to create a boring list of bullet points… you have to force yourself to be more creative this time!

Head’s up… some templates actually also include a PowerPoint PPT version, be sure to check or ask before you purchase if you need one!

1. Travel Destinations Presentation Template

beach resort 3D concept

Is your next vacation or holiday long due? Better don’t look at this template then! A creative presentation template for talking about a sunny beach vacation or tourism. A 3D scene with a blue travel suitcase, a globe, airplane, hot air balloon, sandy palm island and a beach ball. Talk about global tourism business, your own vacation plans or popular travel destinations.

2. Travel Agency Presentation Template

travel infographic illystration

Designed especially for travel and holiday topics, this template is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, flight companies. Prezi has a large light blue zoomable world map, icons that showing locations and semi-transparent colorful bars for image, video, text, symbols and shapes. Colorful bars, shape elements are designed with CSS and that means you can change a color of bars very easily. Also, scale elements larger or smaller, depending on your needs. Slide backgrounds have been designed slightly transparent with white color to increase readability of text. Demo topics are most common for travel Agencies- flights, car, hotels, food, ferry. You can also include topics like accommodation, car rental, booking a hotel, rooms for rent, holiday offers.

3. Vacation Planning Presentation Template

3D beach on a computer screen

Vacation themed Prezi template with a 3D concept. A beautiful tropical island beach background on a computer screen with water pouring out onto the keyboard. Template also includes an airplane flying out of the monitor, parachutes with a cargo box and a human silhouette. Perfect for a summer vacation, traveling, tourism or holiday themed presentation. All separated elements, so you can replace or move objects and create your own unique concept. Present about travel planning, holidays, vacations, tourism, agency, summer trips. Happy vacations!

4. Idea City Presentation Template

small city as a planet

Are you a creative person? Do you dare to make an interesting presentation?A 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a small planet city concept. A sphere city globe with skyscrapers and an ocean on a blue sky background. Zoom into the topic circles with great visual transition effects, as the objects and background move separately. Use the default placeholder content or create your own presentation slides. Present about global topics such as international travel, tourism or about various business or technical innovations in the world. Take your viewers on a journey around the globe and build your own storyworld.

5. Travel Ideas Presentation Template

traveling suitcase with infographic tiles

Prezi presentation template for a travel related presentation. A classic travel case on an airport hallway background. Talk about vacation plans, travel planning, tourism. Create a simple and infographic presentation illustrated with icons. Add more symbols from the prezi insert menu. Talk about travel insurance, low cost airlines, checking in online, booking travels online, travel agencies, food in airports or best time to travel etc…

6. Tourism Locations Presentation Template

3D folded map with clouds and airplane

Prezi Template with a 3D folded world map, clouds, map markers and an airplane. A good Prezi for presenting about traveling, business, holiday, vacation, company locations, business targets, route planning, tourism attractions or tourists All separated elements: move the markers around and zoom anywhere in the locations to present interesting details. Contact us for custom job to replace the image on the 3D folded map. Present about aviation, flying, travel agency or guide, booking travels online, renting apartments on travels.

7. World Map Wall Presentation Template

dotted world map on a wall

Prezi Template with a customizable dotted world map theme. A world map on an office wall background. Change the overall background color and that suits your theme. Use the built in Prezi colors or add your own via CSS. Make a presentation about a world related topic. Talk about business, global warming, war, nature, travel. A great prezi template for an international world map presentation.

8. Global Topic Presentation Template

world illustrated with an airplane

A creative 3D Prezi Template with an animated video background: a spinning globe and a flying airplane. A professional looking multipurpose Prezi for a business or personal presentation. Add your own symbols and colors around the globe. Zoom in for the content details: use text, images, videos or symbols. A good template for talking about travel, tourism, global business, world politics etc. A realistic world on a simple white background. Create a simple circle infographic report of introduce your company.

9. Travel Stories Presentation Template

traveling stories movie roll presentation

Prezi presentation template for a world related presentation. Talk about a global issue or problem. 3D globe on a sky background with a round film strip, illustrating a story to be told. Zoom in and insert your own content anywhere. Talk about global warming, world wars, nature, politics, or traveling.

10. World Travel 3D Presentation Template

3D globe presentation template

Take your audience around the world! A creative multipurpose Prezi Next presentation template with a small 3D globe concept. Small planet with a transport car/truck, social media tree, airplane, a city, palm island and a macbook laptop. Great template for talking about international topics: global business, international trade, vacation or tourism. Take your viewers on journey around the globe, show timelines, deadlines, technologies, social media links. Build your own little storyworld and amaze your audience.


Feel like traveling yet?

In case you’re looking for some more inspiration about the topic, especially about the visual side of your presentation, then be sure to check out Pinterest for some travel ideas and explore the world as we see it.

In case you didn’t stumble upon a presentation template you were looking for, then it’s also a good idea to check our 25 Creative Presentation Templates or our entire gallery of Prezi Templates.

The COVID-19 crisis deeply worsened the situation for all travel and tourism related businesses, however with the quick vaccinations happening across the globe, we might hope that things will soon get to normal in a few years.

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