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10 Creative Smart City Presentation Templates


With the rollout of 5G networks and super fast internet speeds, everything is becoming “smart” these days.

Even entire cities will have smart sensors and a brain of their own…

Surely it’s a fascinating and futuristic concept, but really how close or far are we to a real “smart city” yet?

We all hope this future will rather arrive sooner than later, but until then, we just have to pitch this futuristic idea in our presentations.

Fortunately there are a few great smart city themed presentations which are great for sharing your ideas.

Most of these template are available for Prezi presentation software, but that’s a good thing, because you can’t present about an exciting new future, and use boring old bullet points!

1. Smart City Planning Presentation Template

The Smart City template features a close up shot of a businessman in suit pointing a finger a black tablet computer with a small 3D city on top of it, illustrating how technology will enable us to control an entire ecosystem with a push of a button. The template has a blue background with clouds and light technology interface framework graphic, which gives the presentation an interesting hi-tech look.

2. Futuristic Smart City Presentation Template

This one is a treat for all the flat earth theorists! A futuristic template for making a city themed presentation. A floating island city with skyscrapers and a mountain terrain hovering in the sky above the clouds. Great concept for making an urban presentation or talking about smart city technology and the future. Present about the infrastructure of future cities or the new developments in urban technologies that will make our life easier

3. Smart Planet City Presentation Template

The overview slide of the Idea City presentation template. A mini planet city on blue sky background. Template includes placeholders for your presentation title and subtitle on the ocean background. Each new topic of your presentation is revealed by zooming into the blue circles (easily change the colors). All adjustable and ready for your content.

4. Smart City 5G Connection Presentation Template

3D Prezi Template with a smart city concept. Small 3D white buildings on a white iPhone smartphone with green trees. The smart city concept is an idea where a modern city is and the services are operated by technological solutions, including: local departments’ information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, and other community services A creative template for presenting the vision of future city/cities.

5. Title

Are you a gardener? If you’re an entrepreneur, then you just might as well be considered as one in the business landscape! A creative presentation template with a laptop, urban city environment popping out from the screen and a businessman and businesswoman looking over at the screen. A great template for illustrating the concept of digital business and growing a company into new heights. Template is filled with plenty of example slides and demo content for you to reuse. Use the example elements and add your own slides.

6. Digital City Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a digital city concept. A 2D city on a macbook laptop with hundreds of placeholders for your content. Show an important meeting in an office building, zoom into cars, airplanes or traffic signs. Add your own content anywhere and make your message heard. Present about digital files, technology, privacy, data connections, sharing files, online content, servers, traveling, IT systems.

7. Smart City Drone Delivery Presentation Template

Prezi presentation template for presenting about modern drones. Talk about the development of the new toy and how it is being used in various fields. Present about military drones, toy drones, drones used in farming, rescue missions and in sports.

8. Modern Smart City Concept

Prezi Template with a modern city concept. A blue-themed city skyline with a 3D background. Use the glowing white frames or zoom in and add your content anywhere else in the Prezi

9. Global Smart City Village Presentation

A Creative 3D Prezi Template with white houses on a small planet and road around it. A multipurpose template suitable for many topics including business, transport, planet, cities, real estate. A beautiful 3D city/town/village scenery on a blue and white sky background. Illustrate the concept of world becoming smaller and more connected into one big city. Create an infographic presentation about internationalisation, traveling, tourism. Talk about internationalisation, building, construction, traffic, driving, road.

10. City Timeline Presentation Template

Is your company driving on the highway to success? A 3D Prezi next presentation template for presenting a timeline on a road hovering above a city. A Creative timeline presentation template with a futuristic and urban city theme. Drive above the rest and show where you are heading to with your future plans. A multipurpose timeline presentation template with a city, road and mountains background. Duplicate the colorful marker symbols to add more timeline spots.


Smart cities will soon be a reality across the globe and it’s our job to decide and innovate on how these cities will turn out to be.

Did you know that it is predicted that by 2050, 70% of the global population will live in cities? Chances are pretty big, that you’re currently reading this post from a city too?

But what are the key ingredients of a smart city anyway? The most important factors contributing a smart city concept can definitely be technology, data and connections, mobility and environment.

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