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10 Best Green & Environment Presentation Templates


Most people agree that green technologies are essential for saving the planet.

Whether it’s about waste management, renewable energy or clean water, we need to do more to keep our world a safe and clean place for future generations.

That’s the reason why we see much innovation in the environmental and green technology sector – not just because it means doing the right thing, but it’s also for a greater cause.

These eco and nature themed presentation templates will help you make a memorable presentation about most environment themed topics.

While all of the templates are available for Prezi presentation software only, some do also include a PowerPoint PPT version as a bonus.

1. Green Future Evolution Presentation Template

Want to save the planet or protect the environment? Start with this creative Presentation template showing a man holding a small island environment with a big tree and wind turbines. A presentation concept that illustrates global warming, renewable energy sources and protecting the planet against pollution. Template available as a Prezi presentation and also as PowerPoint PPT template. Go green and make your viewers green with an eye-catching green technology presentation.

2. Green Environment Ideas Presentation Template

How to organize an environmental event? This template might come handy! Prezi Template for a green/nature/environment presentation topic. Various green rectangles on a nature background with trees, grass, and butterflies. Talk about saving the environment, saving the nature, air pollution, economic ideas, recycling. Present about green energy, renewable energy sources, wind, solar energy, atmosphere, ozone, plants, gardening, wildlife.

3. Agriculture Presentation Template

Save water – save the planet! The presentation starts with an overview of a green plastic watering canister on a green grass and farm background. The whole template features a green color scheme with the nature in mind. Start pouring out your ideas and concepts from the canister – zoom into the rectangle shapes, and replace the demo content with your own. A creative concept for making an infographic diagram poster image for topics related with cultivation of land, breeding of animals or any other agricultural science. So hopefully your Prezi won’t need any pesticides or fertilizers… keep your presentation clean and fresh!

4. Green Eco Technology Presentation Template

Climate warming is one of the hottest topics of this century and the so called “Green Technologies” will try to solve the problem. So what exactly is green technology? Well it can be anything that helps to produce renewable energy or solve a waste problem and helps to keep our planet clean. This presentation template, which is available for both PowerPoint and Prezi, uses a 3D concept with a grass sphere which has a computer technology and microchip pattern on it. A futuristic and multipurpose template which can be used to present about any green technology related topic.

5. Green Energy Presentation Template

Green energy Prezi template can help demonstrate the importance of getting an alternative source of electricity for your house or work environment. Template has a green gradient background and different vector based shapes like arrows, solar panels. Template has a green gradient background and different vector based shapes like arrows, solar panels. Move elements, change texts.

6. Waste Management Presentation Template

The Waste Management Prezi template uses an instantly recognizable concept of a trash container and green slide backgrounds, which is also related to recycling. The presentation starts with an overview of the entire trash container, there’s plenty of empty space for you to add a presentation headline and subtitle on the asphalt background. Advance your presentation by zooming inside the rectangle shapes, which are semi-transparent, making the recycling center background slightly visible. You can also delete the background and use a solid color or your own background picture. We all know that the world is polluted and filled with mostly plastic waste, the questions is, will we do anything about it? You can start the revolution by making an interesting  presentation and cleaning up the room filled with other boring presentations.

7. Eco Technology Green Ideas Presentation

Prezi Template with the concept of Growing Ideas. Various green shaded cogs forming tree shapes and a cloud with water drops. Good template for a technology/future related presentation. Zoom into the elements are present your ideas. All separated elements, rearrange the animate cogs and create more trees. A good template for presentations related with green energy, nature, technology, innovation, making it work, fine tuning, details, evolution… Add your own background image.

8. Climate Change Presentation Template

3D Prezi Template with the world burning in flames concept. Illustrate global warming, climate changes, greenhouse gases and international pollution. Talk about the emission of carbon dioxide, fossil fuels, sea-level rise, ecological footprint or renewable energy. A very timely topic, considering the international climate change control meeting in France. Is it possible to stop global warming, what effects it does it have on our life – present about it.

9. Think Green Presentation Template

Prezi presentation Template for a green-thinker. Trees, nuclear power plant, wind turbines, butterflies and skyscrapers in various shades of green. Use the separated elements and create the design layout you need! A good template for a nature, pollution, green-energy related presentation. Talk about renewable energy sources, saving the environment and ozone.

10. Global Environment Presentation Template

3D animated infographic Prezi presentation Template with a tree revolving on a globe. Create a professional presentation about nature, economy, global growth, green energy. Includes flying colorful butterflies that symbolize pure nature, freedom… Insert your own symbols and customize the circle elements with your own colors. Good template for talking about environment, global warming, going green, ecosystems, atmosphere, ozone.


Green technologies are needed to save the planet… and you can also participate by choosing a “green” template for your next environment themed Presentation!

By using ready-made templates for your presentation, you can spend more time on focusing your story and message and less time on the visual side – we’ve already don’t that for you!

Each template is designed with passion and we truly hope these template will help to serve a good purpose – by becoming an informative and creative presentation on an environmental topic!

If you use one of these templates for a presentation, be sure to also let us know, so we can feature your work!

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