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10 Best Delivery and Transport Presentation Templates


We all love it when a parcel arrives on time, but for those of us who don’t work in the transport and logistics sector, it’s quite a mystery what’s actually going on behind the scenes, and how the goods actually get delivered!

So here’s a chance to make a creative presentation about a topic related to transporting goods (or people) and what really happens in each of the supply chain sectors.

Surely the COVID situation boosted ecommerce and delivery services (and transport innovation), but I think they were on a pretty good level even before that!

The below presentation templates are perfect for illustrating how a package gets delivered across the world via air, sea or ground transport, choose a template you like and easily add your own story to fascinate your viewers.

1. Global Transport Presentation Template

How does cargo get delivered across the globe? Prezi presentation Template for talking about global transport or delivery service and the steps involved. A 3D globe and a flying cardboard box, representing fast transport channels. Present the delivery stages in your company or talk about overall transport. Talk about all the important steps in international transport for example, countries, toll, taxes, security, goods.

2. Shipping and Logistics Presentation Template

Do you know anything about the US trade deficit? I don’t… but if you do, and want to make a presentation about trade, shipping or logistics, then this might be perfect template for you. A Prezi presentation template (+ Powerpoint PPT version included) with an aerial view of a large container ship on the sea. The overview slide features a large placeholder for the title and subtitle of your presentation and topic circles connected with lines. The whole template has a blue and white color scheme with blue slide backgrounds to represent the sea, and white text which stands for… well just white text.

3. Transport Ideas Presentation Template

3D Prezi presentation template for a transport/delivery/logistics related Presentation. A white truck with a pile of cardboard boxes behind it. Add your own branding image or logo on the truck. Zoom onto the boxes, add your own symbols, image or logos to illustrate your topic. Present about delivering packages, ecommerce sales, or present your logistics or transport services.

4. Transport and Delivery Presentation Template

Prezi presentation template with a transport and delivery concept. A good template for presentations related with logistics, shipping, mail or delivering goods. A man in grey suit carrying a pile of cardboard boxes with more boxes stacked on the background. Add your own labels and symbols to the boxes. Move the elements around and add your own background image. Present about global transport, delivery services, professional moving service.

5. Ecommerce and Logistics Presentation Template

3D Prezi presentation template for a logistics/transport/delivery related presentation. A 3D laptop with scattered cardboard boxes, illustrating online sales and shipping. Good template for presenting the services of a transport company. Present about onlines sales, free shipping, delivering packages around the world.

6. Worldwide Delivery Presentation Template

Create your own little storyworld with this creative 3D Prezi presentation template featuring a small wireframe world theme. A blue template with a globe in the middle and a laptop, truck with boxes, airplane, tree with social media icons, a city and a palm tree island around it. Zoom into the elements (or add your own) and reveal content about your presentation. A multipurpose template for presenting about technology, global topics, travel or tourism. View the example demo slides included in the template and replace with you your own content. Includes various demo slides including a timeline, features list, portfolio gallery and world map, perfect for making a company introduction or tech related startup pitch.

7. Supply and Distribution Presentation Template

Describe the supply and distribution process of your company in this amazing graphic template. Templates includes various zoomable transport images on a world map background. Perfect template for making an illustrated presentation about the chains in a transport business.

8. Delivering Ideas Presentation Template

Prezi presentationTemplate for the topics of transportation, shipping, product delivery, logistics. Various transportation graphics including a van/lorry, airplane, pile of boxes, and a crane on a sky/road background. Show how the goods move from one location to another and get them delivered across the world. Present about transport, delivery, logistics, shipping, global trade, shipping containers.

9. Global Delivery and Dropshipping Presentation

Ready to launch your big project? Do you know what usually happens on the first try? Elon Musk blew up quite a few rockets before succeeding, so don’t expect a much better success rate from your first project. A creative presentation template with a rocket launching from a laptop screen. Best suitable for presenting about a technology company, a startup pitch deck or a new project launch. Present about your mission and targets. Show your team, world map, image gallery and your contact information. Includes separated elements: transport truck, macbook laptop, 3D earth with boxes. Move the elements around and customize the layout to fit your needs.

10. Global Transport Presentation Template

Creative 3D Prezi presentation Template with planet earth as an atom. Globe surrounded by road, cars, planes, balloon on a round sky clouds background. A good template to illustrate globalization, transport, traffic, connections, travelling. Zoom into traffics signs, create your your own story. Good template for business marketing or talking about a global world topic. Present about logistics, politics, sightseeing and tourism. Amaze your audience with a creative and 3D presentation.


Transport is a key part of our lives.

Whether we need to transport people, goods or ideas, things get moved around all the time… well because were humans and we can’t stay still 🙂

I hope you found a suitable template for your transport related presentation, if not, be sure to check out our gallery of 25 most creative presentation templates for some more inspiration and ideas.

Most of the above templates are specifically designed for the Prezi presentation software, but many also include a PowerPoint PPT version as a bonus.

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