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20 Creative World Themed Presentation Templates


The world is a home for all of us, and in terms of presentation design, it’s one of the most common design elements ever used, which illustrates a global topic and instantly adds a sense of international feeling into design.

This list includes some 20 (but not all) of our best presentation templates with a world, globe or earth background. All the templates include a Prezi version, but some also have a bonus PowerPoint PPT version attached.

So get ready to rock someone’s world and find yourself a suitable presentation template – each template is customizable and you can easily change and replace the visuals to add your own branding style or colors.

1. Global Line Presentation Template

Want to make a professional presentation with a template that includes a globe design and world map elements? Global Line is a truly multi-purpose Prezi presentation Template (+PowerPoint version included) with an infographic 3D globe diagram. A dark world graphic in the middle and an arrow around the 3D globe as an arc with colorful circles on the line. Insert your own symbols or numbers and create a colorful and infographic presentation with a world background theme. You can’t be wrong with this all time most popular template from

2. Infographic on World Background Presentation

This presentation template was made for people who fancy infographics and business topics. A professional Prezi Template with a round and colorful circle diagram design concept on a world map background. Make a creative business or company report, visualize data, generate a mind map full of ideas or talk about politics and international relations, there are no limits here.

3. City World Presentation Template

Are you a creative person? Do you dare to make an interesting presentation?A 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a small planet world city concept. A sphere city globe with skyscrapers and an ocean on a blue sky background. Zoom into the topic circles with great visual transition effects, as the objects and background move separately. Use the default placeholder content or create your own presentation slides. Present about global topics such as international travel, tourism or about various business or technical innovations in the world. Take your viewers on a journey around the globe and build your own storyworld.

4. World Map on Wall Presentation Template

Prezi presentation Template with a customizable dotted world map theme. A world map on an office wall background. Change the overall background color and that suits your theme. Use the built in Prezi colors or add your own via CSS. Make a presentation about a world related topic. Talk about business, global warming, war, nature, travel. A great prezi template for an international world map presentation.

5. 3D World Atom Presentation Template

Creative 3D Prezi Template with planet earth as an atom. Globe surrounded by road, cars, planes, balloon on a round sky clouds background. A good template to illustrate globalization, transport, traffic, connections, travelling. Zoom into traffics signs, create your your own story. Good template for business marketing or talking about a global world topic. Present about logistics, politics, sightseeing and tourism. Amaze your audience with a creative and 3D presentation.

6. World Map From Symbols Presentation

A symbolic Prezi Template with a world map formed from small white icons. Good template for presenting about tourism attractions, world politics, geography, nations or countries. Illustrate international connections or business relations. Zoom to any location and add your own icons from the Prezi Insert menu. Talk about demographics and symbolize local data. Make the presentation more engaging and ask questions about countries. Add your own background image. Present about political topics, famous locations of the world.

7. Global World Village Presentation Template

A Creative 3D Prezi Template with white houses on a small planet and road around it. A multipurpose template suitable for many topics including business, transport, planet, cities, real estate. A beautiful 3D city/town/village scenery on a blue and white sky background. Illustrate the concept of world becoming smaller and more connected into one big city. Create an infographic presentation about internationalisation, traveling, tourism. Talk about internationalisation, building, construction, traffic, driving, road.

8. 3D World Map Infographics Template

Prezi Template for presenting world map infographics, geography, politics, statistics, facts, business, reports, etc… A zoomable blue 3D World map with icons, symbols, charts and lines – everything you need for a world related presentation. Zoom into different continents – illustrate content with symbols and zoom in for details. Create a creative report, talk about different countries or nations – customize the template for various topics. A good template for a colorful business or educational presentation.

9. 3D Creative World Presentation Template

Take your audience around the world! A creative multipurpose Prezi Next presentation template with a small 3D globe concept. Small planet with a transport car/truck, social media tree, airplane, a city, palm island and a macbook laptop. Great template for talking about international topics: global business, international trade, vacation or tourism. Take your viewers on journey around the globe, show timelines, deadlines, technologies, social media links. Build your own little storyworld and amaze your audience.

10. Global World Issue Presentation Template

Time to talk about global issues – 3D Prezi template with the world as a jigsaw puzzle. Zoom in and the background turns dark and reveals white content slides. A professional presentation template for a world/global related topic. Make a personal or business presentation and talk about world problems and solutions. Creative 3D Prezi template with a simple globe as puzzle design.

11. Small World Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a small and flat style white planet earth illustration. Amaze your audience with a creative presentation and take them on a journey around the world. A simple yet very detailed Prezi Template, suitable for a variety of presentation topics. Objects on the globe: people, home, house, office, car, bike, mountain, school, bank satellite, airplane, sun, clouds. Zoom anywhere inside the objects and add your own content or story. All separated elements: move the items around and customize the planet. Present about traveling, flat earth theory. Good template for presenting to kids/children

12. World Business Presentation Template

A professional 3D business Prezi Template with a blue globe and colorful titles. Create an infographic company report or promote/market your products. All separated elements: Customize the colors and move the elements around. Use colorful titles and zoom in for the content details. Add your own symbols and icons to fill the placeholders. Show a business proposal, present annual results or simply create a professional Prezi on any topic. Customize the colors and adapt the Prezi for any topic. present about world politics, global topics, international relations, professional business or global companies.

13. Infographic World Presentation Template

Professional looking Prezi Template with a dotted world map and colorful infographic elements. Present about world/global related topic or create an international business presentation. Template with Minimal design, yet very professional and sleek/corporate looking. Zoom into any area of the map, after which a different world map background will appear. Customize the shapes and lines by adding your own colors, images, shapes and symbols. Talk about international relations, products or services, global trade, tourism, statistics or politics.

14. Digital World Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a digital business world concept. A businessWoman in white clothing holding a black tablet computer with black silhouettes and a world map on the background. Describe the connections in the digital world: show how you do business, travel or learn internationally. Template includes all separated design elements: rearrange the graphics and and add your own content. Add your own background image. Present about global business technologies, stock trade mechanisms, connected ideas.

15. Geopolitics Presentation Template

Prezi Template which for a large variety presentation topics around the world. A white 3D world map with arrows and map markers on a dark blue background. Present about geopolitics which may include: geography, political topics, economy, natural resources, gas, oil, demographics, climate, migration, migrants, continents or nation states. Customize the map markers and arrows to create a unique design layout for the presentation you need.

16. Worldwide Success Presentation Template

How difficult is the way to success, can you describe it to your viewers?A 3D Prezi Next presentation template with a businessman standing in front of stairs leading towards earth with a door and bright light shining out from it. A great concept to illustrate business success or achieving various goals and plans. Talk about launching a startup company, making a big career, traveling or international politics.

17. World Time Presentation Template

3D Prezi Template with a world clock concept. A clock face inside a world. Present about global topics, history, timeline or historical world events. While zooming in, the background turns dark, revealing white text. It’s time… to use this template!

18. World Map Presentation Template

The world is a small place, so here’s a minimal world map template for zooming and adding in your ideas. Change the background color to match your branding style and zoom into the continents for your content. Each of the continents is a Prezi Next stack topic type, which means you can add more typical slides and not use the planet topic layout. Hit the copy button and start traveling around the world!

19. World Story Presentation Template

Prezi presentation template for a world related presentation. Talk about a global issue or problem and add your own story to the presentation. 3D globe on a sky background with a round film strip, illustrating a story to be told. Zoom in and insert your own content anywhere. Talk about global warming, world wars, nature, politics, or traveling.

20. Digital World Economy Presentation Template

Even if you’re Neo from the Matrix – you must realize the fact that most of our everyday life and business is moving online, where we are just plain numbers and statistics for the government. A 3D Prezi Next presentation template for talking about doing business in the digital space. A digital blue 3D scene background with business people silhouettes made up from binary codes. A matrix-looking scene with a digital life concept and a world map on the background. Multipurpose template for talking about all topics related with business, internet, people, trading etc. Talk about online contracts, ecommerce, buying or selling online, finding business partners or the digital environment and online threats.


It’s a small world out there…

and this list only includes 20 templates, so in case you didn’t a find suitable template for your world related presentation, I suggest you to check out our entire gallery of World Presentation Templates (200 templates).

The world is ever changing so you cannot expect to make the same old boring PowerPoint deck and expect to amaze your audience! That’s why a more creative approach is needed.

There are over 7 billion people on earth, and each and every one of them has a fascinating life story, and luckily for you, people love stories. So to make your presentation more memorable and exciting, be sure to add a story to your presentation as well.

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