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Best 5 Prezi Templates for an Ecommerce Presentation


Online sales have skyrocketed in the recent years, and according to research, it is forecasted that by 2040, 95% of retail purchases are likely to be made online. That means traditional retail may hardly even exist in the near future.

So ecommerce is going to be a dominating topic for decades, and luckily for you, we have some creative Prezi Templates to illustrate your presentation.

With the help of these Prezi presentation templates, you’ll be able to visualize your ideas about global online shopping, transport and delivery, as well as the business and environmental side of ecommerce.

So if you’re an expert at selling (or buying) things online the I’ll hope you’ll find a suitable template.

1. ECommerce Business Prezi Template

Do you shop online? According to statistics, we all do a little… or a lot! A presentation template for talking about ecommerce and online shopping websites. A 3D illustration with a laptop and colorful shopping bags and a cart next to it. Zoom into the colorful circles to present your slides about ecommerce. Use the demo content or replace everything with your own slides.

2. Ecommerce Sales Prezi Template

Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce or eCommerce, is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. Use this template to showcase your business.

3. Digital Economy Prezi Template

The presentation starts with an overview showing a crowd of digital people standing on a 3D grid background. The overview features a text placeholder for your presentation title and subtitle at the top left corner. Advance by zooming into the topic circles – rename the titles according to your topic or replace the text titles with illustrative symbols. The presentation includes multiple demo slides for making a company or project introduction presentation. The elements include timeline, gallery slide, world map, team introduction etc…

4. Online Shopping Prezi Template

Prezi presentation template for presenting about shopping. A shopping bag symbol on a mall/shopping center background. Talk about various types of shopping: online, food, gifts, for pets etc.. Customize the colors of the shopping bag rectangles. Add your own background image. Present about various holidays or birthdays and shopping for gifts, clothes. Talk about the business and big profits of large retail corporations such as Walmart.

5. Digital Business Prezi Template

Are you doing business in the digital space or simply want to present about online technologies? Here’s a presentation template for making a slide deck with a 3D Apple devices scene. A large iMac monitor with social media icons, your slide topics and other web devices like iPhones, iPad and Laptop orbiting around it. A perfect concept for illustrating the digital space and online universe. The template includes various business related quotes and company intro design elements which you can reuse in your presentation. Promote your own website or business or talk about the global technology giants.


That was it! Out short list of 5 best ecommerce and online shopping themed Prezi templates.

Didn’t find a Prezi template you need? Head over to our entire collection of Prezi Templates or check out this article with 25 Most Creative Presentation Templates for some instant inspiration and ideas. You’ll be sure to find a template to illustrate a presentation for your ecommerce related presentation.

And don’t feel sad if your idea or project didn’t turn out to be the next Amazon… selling things online is a hard business because of the tough competition, but they, there’s still so much room for improvement, so at least stay creative in your presentations 🙂

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