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Business Mission Presentation Template

Overview slide of the Business Mission presentation template. A futuristic display screen with square panels filled with text titles and business related icons. Customize the template by adding your own texts and replacing the icon symbols with more suitable for your topic. The businessman and businesswoman silhouettes can also be deleted.

If you’re company doesn’t have a clear vision and a direction for going forward, then you’re probably heading for failure! Every company has a spaceship and the CEO is the captain! A Prezi presentation template for making a creative business mission statement. A presentation template with a space themed design concept – businessman and businesswoman on board of a spaceship with large transparent window display screen and earth with a beautiful sunrise on the background.

Example content slide with text and images in the Business Mission template. Adjust the rectangle transparency to control how much space background is visible on each slide.
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Every business mission needs a proper timeline. Adjust the elements and create your own timeline graphic with zoomable milestones.
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Statistics and data slide example. All editable elements. Use the example or make a more complex chart with Prezi Infogram feature.
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
World map slide example. Use the colorful marker symbols to highlight locations on the map. No business mission is complete without a proper world takeover plan!
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Add a creative beginning slide with the title of your presentation and also introduce the captain. This truly is the one of a kind business mission statement template!
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View inside the Prezi edit mode. Add your own topics and insert more slides. Edit the icons inside the rectangles and replace them with more suitable for your topic or business.

+ Bonus PowerPoint PPT Template Included:

PowerPoint PPT template version of the business mission statement presentation template. Includes 2 different slide layouts.
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