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Business Plan Presentation Template

The main overview slide of the Business Plan presentation template. Businessman holding a paper on an office background. Add your own title to the right top corner of the paper or completely rearrange the layout and make a unique business plan design. A creative business planning template for presenting your ideas like a mind map. Visually organize your topics into one easily followable flow by connecting your topics with arrows.

What’s your business plan? Don’t say you don’t have one at all? A Prezi presentation template with the concept of a businessman holding a paper in hand and showing off a large sketched business plan filled with topic title keywords, arrows and various business related icons. A creative way for displaying your business plan ideas or how to run a company. Easily customize the template by adding your own topics and connecting them with arrows. Rearrange the symbols and make a unique layout for the plan. Zoom into the highlighted topics and present your content slides.

Example demo slide with text and images. Start your business plan presentation with a clear message about your topic.
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Make a features list to showcase the benefits of your product or service.
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If you’ve got a great team, then you need to shine some light on your crew.
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No business plan is complete without a world map. Show the locations you would like to conquer.
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Timeline slide example. Adjust the elements and add your own milestones or talk about past
business achievements.
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How much do you charge your customers? Make a simple and understandable pricing model showcase with colorful boxes.
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Every business sells something, here’s your chance to showcase what you offer. Add product shots or simply use fun images showcasing your company.
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People believe statistics! Prove your point with numbers and facts about your business.
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An example slide with more details about a single business project.
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Customize the entire template by adjusting the elements. Add your own topic slides and create a mind-map like overview.
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