If It Doesn’t Sell, It Isn’t Creative

Welcome to our handpicked collection of Business, Marketing and Company related Prezi Classic Templates.

It’s time to get creative and impress your Boss, Partners and most importantly – Customers

Global Line World Business Prezi Template

Global Line

Prezi Template a 3D globe symbol and colorful circles and a line around it. Includes a gradient world map background. Talk about a global business topic.

Around a Topic Circle Infographic Diagram Prezi Template

Around a Topic

A colorful and circular diagram Prezi Template on a world map background. Suitable for business Prezi, a pie chart or a circular infographic design.

Businessman 3D Puzzle infographic prezi template

Solve the Puzzle

Prezi Template with a businessman carrying 3D white puzzle pieces. Explain a topic and show how to solve a problem. Explain each part of the topic and show the whole idea.

futuristic simple business squares prezi template

Interactive Media

Simple and multipurpose template with a hand pointing at a touchscreen. Add your own content into any of the frames and customize for your topic.

Touchscreen businessman company prezi template

Touchscreen – Businessman

Prezi Template with a futuristic Touchscreen concept. A businessman in a grey suit pointing at a hovering touchscreen. The screen is made up of hexagon-shaped buttons.

simple business company frames prezi template presentation

Content Wall

A highly customizable Prezi template with colorful rectangles. Move, resize every frame and add your own color scheme and background.

businessman planning writing to wall sketch prezi template

Businessman Planning

A businessman in gray suit drawing a business plan to a wall. Move the sketched elements and add your own story to the presentation.

World 3D business colorful creative map prezi template

World Business

A Multipurpose Prezi template with a 3D world symbol and colorful lines for different topics. Highly customizable, add your own topics, colors and zoom anywhere.

3d quarter chart circle diagram prezi template

Quarter Diagram Prezi Template

A simple 3d diagram prezi template for presenting 4 different topics. Present about a business process or describe your project progress.

3D pie chart graph infographic prezi template

3D Pie Chart Prezi template

3D pie chart prezi template with 4 different colorful pieces. Add your own symbols and numbers and show how the whole project divides into 3´4 sections.

3D core topics sphere layers prezi template infographics

Core Values Prezi Template

A Prezi template for presenting 4 different core values or topics. A colorful 3d sphere with colorful layers inside. Zoom in and show the details.

business professional network prezi template

Business Network

Present your professional business network on a laptop background. Move the elements and create your own company network.

3D white cubes squares infographic business prezi template

3D White Cubes Prezi

A professional Prezi template with 3d cubes on a dark world map background. A multipurpose template suitable for business, personal or educational project.

colorful creative business model canvas prezi template

Business Model Canvas Prezi

A classical business model canvas Prezi Template. Each frame includes a few words to help you present your business or company.

3D Squares cubes world map business prezi template

3D Squares Infographic

A professional and simple infographic Prezi template with colorful cubes on a world map background. Suitable for any kind of formal presentation.

SWOT analysis company business prezi template

SWOT Analysis Prezi

A colorful business SWOT analysis diagram on a world map background. A professional and simple way to present your business weaknesses and strengths.

3D road to success prezi template

3D Road to Success

Have you ever seen the road to success? Create your own business road to success. Customize it by adding your own traffic signs.

businessman pointing prezi template business comapny

Digital Media

A businessman pointing to the center of the screen. A professional and futuristic template with a touchscreen interface.

Colorful circle clock time business prezi template ideas

Time to Explain

A Multipurpose Prezi template for explaining a topic. Clock face and colorful circle around it for different topics. A good template for business or education and showing deadlines.

3d darts arrows targets goals bullseye marketing prezi template

Hitting Targets

Show how you hit the targets with a creative red big target symbol diagram Prezi. Hit the board with darts and connect them with your ideas.

team overview company partners prezi template

Meet the Team

Prezi Template for introducing the members of your team. Polaroid pictures hanging on a rope with clothespins on a 3D nature background.

analytics analyst reporting prezi template

The Analyst

Hands holding a black Ipad with various graphs and bars on the screen. Present your website statistics, business results or any other data.

business cubes company business people silhouettes prezi template

Business Cubes Bundle

A bundle of Business related prezi template with 3D cubes and silhouettes theme. Choose from 6 example layouts or build a completely unique business concept.

3D bar chart graph maker kit business prezi template diagram

3D Bar Chart Maker Prezi

3D bar chart Prezi Template with endless diagram possibilities. Customize the shape layouts and create super-creative data visualization presentation.

worldwide business briefcase suitcase portfolio prezi template

Worldwide Business

A business briefcase made from small circles on a world map background. a Creative way to present business information. Each circle is customizable separately.

jigsaw puzzle concept diagram connextions prezi template

Clear Connections

Colorful Puzzle infographic diagram Prezi. Show how the pieces come together and explain a topic. Present what is holding the topic together.

market trends arrow graph icons business prezi template

Market Trends

What are the current market trends? Show them with a creative bar graph arrow prezi template formed from small icons. Zoom into any of them or add your own.

directions businessman sign company vision

Business Directions

How to make good business decisions and which way to grow? Show directions to other people, add custom signs and directions.

3d jigsaw pieces puzzle world map business diagram prezi template

3D Puzzle Infographics Template

A creative 3D puzzle infographic diagram Prezi Template on a world map background. Good template for Prezis related with explaining a topic or solving a problem

3d business papers laptop office prezi template

Down to Business 3D

A 3D Prezi Template with various office objects and a laptop on a wooden background. A good template for presenting about data, statistics, finances, online work…

businesswoman prezi template

TouchScreen – Businesswoman

Prezi Template with a futuristic Touchscreen concept. A businesswoman in white clothing pointing at a hovering touchscreen. The screen is made up of hexagon-shaped buttons.

Company business product display showcase

Product Display

A Prezi Template for presenting your line of products. Add unlimited amount of items, use 3D frames and shadows. Market your product in a beautiful way.

Quarterly finance business company report prezi template

Quarterly Finance Report Prezi

A simple Prezi Template for presenting business reports. Define the period and zoom in to show the data.

assemble business team company human resources prezi template

Assemble a Team

Looking for employees or workers? A Prezi Template with business silhouettes and a corporate look.

Transport delivery and logistics 3d boxes prezi template

Transport & Delivery

A good template for presentations related with logistics, shipping, mail or delivering goods. Businessman in grey suit carrying a pile of cardboard boxes.

umbrella business covered product or service prezi template

Got it Covered

Show why your product is good and how it can be useful for someone. Prezi Template for marketing a product or service.

business folders prezi template

Organised Business

How organised is your business? A 3D Prezi template with a folder on a table and circles hovering above it.

project stages arrow progress diagram prezi template

Project Stages

Present the stages of your business or project development. A simple arrow progress diagram. Zoom out to reveal it was all inside a mobile screen.

facebook social media Prezi template

Social Media Marketing

A facebook mock-up Prezi template with the common elements of the social network on a laptop screen. Ideal for creating a Prezi about social media marketing.

SEO marketing prezi template google

SEO Prezi Template

A mock-up Prezi template of the most popular search engine Google presented on a laptop screen. Create your own search results and rule the internet!

video marketing youtube prezi template

Video Marketing

A Youtube mock-up Prezi Template. Best template for presenting lots of youtube videos Create your own video sharing platform. Good template for video marketing

photo business company overview timeline prezi template

Photo Timeline

Present your company timeline and history with a simple and professional timeline template with lots of image placeholders.

data breach usb stick information prezi template

Data Breach

A man holding a white USB stick with animated numbers flowing out of it. Create a presentation about data loss, data leakage, hacking or online security.

human resources find the right prezi template manager assemble team

Find the Right

Prezi Template with the concept of filtering out the best option from a list. Businessman holding a white paper in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other.

newspaper 3d magazine news prezi template

Breaking News

Become a columnist and present your important news. Prezi Template with a classic newspaper concept. A businessman holding a newspaper on a 3D busy street background.

business hexagons prezi template

Simple Business

Prezi Template with a minimal and professional look. Light blue decagon shapes on a light background. Includes various business icons, but can be used for any presentation topic.

Annual report business prezi template

Annual Report

Prezi Template with an abstract shape. Present sales, reports, prognosis, conclusions. Add your logo in the middle and zoom anywhere to add your content.

balance accounting bookkeeping prezi template


Prezi Template with an equality concept: Cardboard boxes on a balance swing. A good template for a presentation related with comparison, honesty, balance, finance, bookkeeping.

business targets and goals prezi template

Moving Targets

Professional business prezi Template for presenting your goals, targets, business reports and other company information.

idea laboratory 3d world thinking creative business prezi template

Idea laboratory

3D Prezi Template with a world inside a test tube. Present your creative ideas and show how you experiment with innovation.

jigsaw diagram solve problem light bulb prezi template

Solve a Problem

Solve problems and show your solutions. 4 colorful jigsaw puzzles with a light bulb and world map background. Create a simple and professional business diagram.

business prezi template professional company presentation

Whether you are a startup company or an already established business with years of experience, you always need to stay fresh with your marketing ideas. Creative Prezi template are perfect for pitching your ideas or introducing your company online. Each template is customizable, allowing you to add your own background image that is more suitable for your business or presentation topic. With lots of topics and themes to choose from, you will be sure to find a template that you need, from assembling a team, presenting your business ideas and pitching to investors, to already presenting your sales reports for previous years.