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Technology Adoption Free Prezi Presentation Template

Technology Adoption Lifecycle free presentation template. Gray background, blue mountain, white paper, black text. innovators; Willing to take a risk on a good idea. Early adopter; waits to hear a few good anecdotes. Chasm, Early majority; Evidence needs solid anecdotal. Late majority; Wants to see case studies at three good Similar Organizations. Laggards; That wants […]


Decade Of Data Free Prezi Presentation Template

Decade of Data free prezi presentation template. Network technology, the movement of information, links, users, Oxigen networks, big data better health, Crowd building, patterns of fashion, patterns of entertainment, patterns of health, city rhythms, where to get a ride, where to people¬†like to¬†go, how to other people live, how we check your social life, activity […]