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Individuality Free Prezi Presentation Template

Individuality free Prezi presentation template. Gray background, umbrella, red umbrella, circles. Suitable for: education, individuality presentation, the central idea, presenting main ideas, core business, natural science basics, individual skills, different talents. Use Template


Business Canvas Free Prezi Presentation Template

Business Canvas free presentation template. Gray background, white paper, black text. Key partners; Partners who are you? Key Activities; What Key Activities do our value propositions Require? Key resources; What resources do our key value propositions Require? Customer relationships; Which one have we established? Customer segments; channels; Which channels we wan to be we achieved? […]


Technology Adoption Free Prezi Presentation Template

Technology Adoption Lifecycle free presentation template. Gray background, blue mountain, white paper, black text. innovators; Willing to take a risk on a good idea. Early adopter; waits to hear a few good anecdotes. Chasm, Early majority; Evidence needs solid anecdotal. Late majority; Wants to see case studies at three good Similar Organizations. Laggards; That wants […]


Investigation Wall Free Prezi Presentation Template

Investigation wall free presentation template. Gray background, red circle, red lines, numbers, pictures, tape. Suitable for use on education, research, brainstorming, budget presentation, Show the problem and a solution. Use Template


Labyrinth Free Presentation Template

Labyrinth Free Prezi presentation template. Gray background labyrinth, complicated moves, show the starting point and destination of the journey, with circles and squares. Suitable for: business, education. You can, for example, present the business goals, the initial prospects and plans for the future. In education, for example, showcase the importance and necessity of knowledge and learning. Use […]


From Roots To Results Free Presentation Template

Tree and  Roots  free Prezi presentation template. Gray background, green leafy tree with deep roots and branches with apples. Suitable for: business, school, biology, science, advertising. Step by step, show how to achieve success. Motivate your employees or students and show the success formula. Good results can be achieved and grown. Use Template