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Prezibase Showcase: Creative Designs and Zooms

We’ve put together a short video featuring a few creative Prezi design and zoom examples. Templates used in the video: Vacation, Atomic 3D, Back in Time, Global Topic, Destination, See the World, 3D Bar Chart Maker, Photo Box, Topic Radar, Smart City, Global Growth, Small Planet, Set the Stage, Good Ideas.

Using 3D Shapes in Prezi

Prezi editor has the basic flat-styled shapes including a rectangle, circle and triangle, but what about basic 3D shapes like cube, pyramid and sphere? As it is not possible to make 3D in Prezi, then we have created a free Prezi template with all the basic 3D geometry shapes in 8 different color variations. Feel […]

Insert Buttons and Hyperlinks to a Prezi

Have you ever wanted to create hyperlinks or buttons for your Prezi that will take the viewer to a specific slide? Think of it as a menu or a table of contents for a Prezi. With a simple trick this feature can be added to any online Prezi. With this method you can jump to […]

Prezi: How to Print Handouts

Prezi itself does not provide the option to export slides into a handout format, however this can easily be achieved with your default PDF document viewing software. In this example I am going to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is probably the most popular and free software for viewing PDF documents. If you are […]

Uploading a Prezi to SlideShare

Uploading a Prezi presentation to the biggest slide-sharing website in the world is quite easy. Follow these steps and you’ll have your Prezi presentation on SlideShare in no time! 1) Preparing a Prezi SlideShare upload form accepts various file types and one of the accepted formats is PDF. Fortunately Prezi has a PDF export option […]

New Online Design Tool by

It’s the digital age – people want to access everything online, instantly and anywhere! That’s why we created Mediamodifier – a new online application for creating graphics from online templates. Mediamodifier allows you to create various product mockups, image effects and logo mockups online. This eliminates the need to download any software or large template files. You […]

Prezi VS Prezi Business

Many of you might have noticed that promotes 2 different kinds of versions to its users. So what’s the difference between Prezi and Prezi Business? Prezi (for individuals and students) The default Prezi (now rebranded as Prezi for individuals and students) is actually the classic version of Prezi that we all know and love. You […]

STOP Using Prezi (For Only Presenting)

Prezi is a great presentation tool, but many people don’t realize it can be used for much more than only presenting in front of an audience. The best feature of Prezi is that all presentations are stored online, so you can send the links to your friends, family or coworkers and they can view your […]

Make Dotted & Dashed Lines in Prezi

Many Prezi users are asking how to make dotted and dashed lines in prezi? The solution to this problem is quite simple. Double-click anywhere on the canvas, which will open up the the text editing tool. Now type in the dot or dash symbols and make the line as long as you need. The only […]