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Reusable Prezi Old Icons

As a frequent Prezi user you might have noticed that the default black/white icons in the Prezi library were replaced with new ones. The icons used to be very simple and minimalistic with, however the new icons have a little sketch drawing effect on them. If you fell in love with the old icons, then […]

Best Prezi Presentation Examples

Prezi is a great online tool and it can be used to make amazing presentations. It is mostly known for the zooming features, however it can be used to create something much more creative, because in addition to zooming it also allows presenters to combine animations, videos, audio and images. Here are some of the best examples […]

Prezi: Inserting Round Images

A very common request in Prezi is how to insert round images? The answer is you cannot make pictures into circles in Prezi, you need an external tool to crop your images and then insert them into Prezi. The easiest way would be to use a photo editor like Photoshop, GIMP or similar. There are […]

Using Videos for Animations in Prezi

As you might already know by now, Prezi has lost the support for animated swf graphics, most commonly simply known as animations. However Prezi still supports (and hopefully always will) regular videos in mp4 or wmv format. So while you cannot add looping swf animations anymore you can still add a bit of motion to […]

Using Charts in Prezi (Pie, Bar, Column & Line)

In 2016 Prezi added a new Charts feature, which automatically generates 4 types of different charts from your input data table. Unfortunately this feature is currently only available for premium accounts. Using the Charts interface itself is pretty simple: you can insert your data once and then customize the generated chart type later. It is possible […]

Insert a Table to Prezi

A very common request from Prezi users is how to insert tables, and most commonly import them from Excel and PowerPoint. There is a way to create simple tables and cells by using the Prezi line elements and manually insert table contents, however this is unthinkable with large tables. So currently it is not possible to simply add tables […]

How Create Your Own Prezi Template

How to make your own Prezi templates? The simple answer is that you really can’t create a Prezi and then add it to the Prezi templates menu, however you can easily make Prezis and reuse them as templates. The important thing is to leave the original version untouched and always save a new copy when […]

How to Copy Image From One Prezi to Another

How to copy images from Prezi to another? It’s a trick question, and depends on whether are you working with an online Prezi, on Prezi Desktop and whether you are trying to copy an image on the canvas or the background image. The same trick also works with text, swf content and PDFs. Image on the canvas:  Copying […]