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Make a Classic Prezi with Prezi Next

While there are many new advantages and features in Prezi Next such as topics and covers, then some people just want to create a classical Prezi by zooming into different areas and flying around the canvas. Fortunately you can also still do all that with Prezi Next. In Prezi Classic you needed to add “Slides” […]

Use Fade In/Out Effect in Prezi Next

One of the coolest new features of Prezi Next, that unfortunately never made its way to the Prezi Classic features list, is the ability to fade out objects. Use it to make text or images disappear from your slides. Also watch the video example below. Fading out coins in the video gives a great visual effect to […]

Convert Prezi Classic to Next

So you have a presentation made in Prezi Classic and it probably took you a few days or even weeks to perfect and complete, but now suddenly Prezi Next is out! How do you transform your current Prezi Classic into a Prezi Next format? The first question I would ask – is that even necessary? Prezi Classic […]

Embed a Prezi Next Presentation

Currently there is no embed button for a Prezi Next presentation yet, so here’s a code that you can use to embed a presentation onto your website. <iframe src=”your_view_link/embed” width=”550″ height=”400″>   </iframe> Replace the red text with the URL of your Prezi presentation, and make sure you keep the /embed at the end of […]

What is Prezi Next?

Prezi Next is a completely new presentation platform for Prezi. It is similar to the classic Prezi, however there are major differences in the way the software works, as Prezi Next now runs on HTML5. It really is the Next step to the future, as this opens up a lot of new opportunities for Prezi in […]

How to Rotate Content in Prezi Next

Struggling how to rotate a slide, image or text inside a Prezi Next presentation? The feature is not missing, it is now available as a keyboard shortcut ALT + CTRL + drag corner of object. At first it might seem that the option to rotate content inside Prezi Next is missing or at least it […]

Insert Excel Table into Prezi Next

Inserting a table or a graph from Microsoft Excel into Prezi Next is as easy as simply copying and pasting between the 2 programs. 1) Select your table or graph inside Excel. 2) Inside the Home tab, click the small arrow next to the Copy button, and choose Copy as Picture 3) In the small […]

Prezibase Showcase: Creative Designs and Zooms

We’ve put together a short video featuring a few creative Prezi design and zoom examples. Templates used in the video: Vacation, Atomic 3D, Back in Time, Global Topic, Destination, See the World, 3D Bar Chart Maker, Photo Box, Topic Radar, Smart City, Global Growth, Small Planet, Set the Stage, Good Ideas.

Using 3D Shapes in Prezi

Prezi editor has the basic flat-styled shapes including a rectangle, circle and triangle, but what about basic 3D shapes like cube, pyramid and sphere? As it is not possible to make 3D in Prezi, then we have created a free Prezi template with all the basic 3D geometry shapes in 8 different color variations. Feel […]